Neck Hair Removal

Tired of neck hair impacting your fresh haircut and self-esteem? Susana Davina Electrolysis & Skincare in New York City’s Midtown offers electrolysis neck hair removal to help.

Common Questions About Electrolysis Neck Hair Removal

Hair can be a beautiful thing, but only when it grows where you want it to. For most people, the neck is not somewhere they want it to grow, especially when they have short hair. While there are many options for neck hair removal, electrolysis is a wise option. Learn more about why in the answers to the questions below provided by Susana Davina Electrolysis & Skincare in New York City’s Midtown.

How Does Electrolysis Work to Remove Neck Hair?

Electrolysis is a method that targets individual hair follicles with a low-level electrical current, which destroys them. This leads to permanent hair removal, as the hair has nowhere to grow once the follicle is destroyed. This incredibly precise procedure is excellent for those wanting very specific areas treated and for those with sensitive skin.

How Is Electrolysis Different From Laser Hair Removal, and Which Should I Choose?

Both techniques can help reduce hair growth, but electrolysis has proven to offer more permanent results. Additionally, laser hair removal is typically recommended more for those with darker hair and lighter skin. Electrolysis can be effective on all hair and skin.

How Many Treatments Does It Take?

The number of treatment sessions is highly dependent on your hair and the size of the treatment area. In order to achieve permanent results, you can expect to need around 14 treatments with each being completed around every month to six weeks. However, you might need fewer or more, depending on your specific needs. Your provider can give you an estimate after a consultation. 

A good idea is to expect about one year of treatment sessions. Keep in mind, though, that this actually destroys the hair follicles. Once your treatment plan is completed, you’ll enjoy a hair-free zone.

Will I Be In Pain?

You can expect some level of discomfort, as many people experience pinching or pricking sensations. However, it is typically no more painful than other methods, such as waxing. Some techniques, such as rubbing on lidocaine cream before your session, can help reduce these sensations. Speak to your electrolysis provider about such cream and any other recommended techniques.

Still wondering if electrolysis neck hair removal is right for you? Visit Susana Davina Electrolysis & Skincare in New York City’s Midtown by calling (212) 751-7377 to schedule an appointment.

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