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What Is Electrolysis for Back Hair Removal?

If you are interested in professional back hair removal, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of electrolysis. So, what is electrolysis? Is it the hair removal solution you’ve been looking for?

To answer those questions, we first need to understand how electrolysis works. When treatment begins, an electrologist will place a thin wire or needle inside a hair follicle. Once the tool of choice is in position, an electric current will be activated. The electric needle will move along the wire or needle and destroy the targeted follicle.

Destroying the follicle will cause the hair to fall out. The damage may also render the follicle incapable of supporting hair growth again. That’s why this particular hair removal method is considered permanent.

Despite what it involves, electrolysis is far from uncomfortable. During treatment, a patient may feel pinching sensations whenever the electric current is active. The wire or needle used to facilitate the movement of the electric current may also feel warm to the touch.

You will likely need multiple electrolysis sessions since we’re talking about back hair removal. Going through those electrolysis sessions will be worth it since you’ll be able to get rid of your back hair for good.

How long will an individual electrolysis session take? The length of your session will largely depend on which part of your body is undergoing treatment. Still, a single treatment session usually lasts one hour at most.

Give electrolysis for back hair removal in Midtown, NY a try by partnering with esthetician and electrologist Davina of Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skin Care.

How Should You Prepare for Electrolysis?

Before you book an electrolysis appointment, you must be certain you’re receiving treatment from the right person. Look for a certified electrologist in your area and avoid those without the proper credentials.

You can start preparing your body after setting an appointment with a certified electrologist. You don’t have to do anything special to get your body for the procedure. Basically, you want to avoid activities that could dry out your skin or irritate your hair follicles.

Avoid staying outdoors about a week before you undergo treatment. The day before your electrolysis appointment, you should also abstain from any activities that cause excessive sweating. Hold off on exercising that day to ensure your skin is in prime condition for back hair removal.

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