Eyebrow Shaping

Are you looking for expert eyebrow shaping in NYC? Susan Davina has years of experience providing many clients with excellent eyebrow shaping treatments, skin treatments, facials, waxing, and Electrolysis with great results & a high level of customer satisfaction. For expert eyebrow shaping in NYC, come visit Susan Davina's cozy salon, conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan.

Susan Davina knows everyone wants to look their best and feel great, It's only natural. But for millions of people, this goal is difficult to achieve due to excess hair on the face and body. While the problem of excess hair can result from many causes, the impact is often the same: a feeling of awkwardness or embarrassment at work, at home; or in social situations.

Susan Davina has a very gentle touch, and her eyebrow shaping clients can attest to their great results and comfort level. Eyebrow shaping can completely eliminate any unwanted, stray eyebrow hair. So if you want to safely remove hair, call to book an appointment and come in for an eyebrow shaping session.

You may have tried to shape your eyebrows at home and over tweezed them too many times. This can cause the hair to take significant time to grow back, and sometimes it never does. When you come to us for a professional eyebrow shaping, this is no longer an issue.

Before you come in to get your eyebrows shaped you should let the hair grow out for about two to four weeks. This gives the esthetician more hair growth to work with. The more hair there is, the easier it is for them to follow your natural eyebrow arch. Once your eyebrows are shaped, come in about every three to six weeks to maintain the look.

There are a number of benefits to professional eyebrow shaping, and at Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skincare in Midtown, NY, we’re ready to talk to you about your options. When you are looking for easy ways to amplify your looks, eyebrow shaping will leave you looking younger and healthier. Whether you have eyebrows that are unevenly shaped, or there is simply too much hair making up your eyebrows, it's time to work with a professional who can help you look your best self.

How Eyebrow Shaping Improves Your Looks

The right eyebrow shape has a positive impact on your overall looks. Well-shaped eyebrows will show off your eyes, giving you a healthier appearance. When your eyes are accentuated, you are going to look younger and more rested. Professional eyebrow shaping makes it easier to wear a natural look for the day instead of wearing makeup. If you feel like your eyebrows are a flaw, it's time to make some changes to how your eyebrows are shaped.

What to Expect From Eyebrow Shaping

When you work with a professional for eyebrow shaping, you can have your eyebrows waxed, threaded, or plucked. You will be in a comfortable position during the process, and it can take 15 minutes or so to get your eyebrow shaping done. If you don't do electrolysis for permanent hair removal, you will need to have the process done every 4-6 weeks to keep the eyebrows looking great. You will appear as if you got an eye lift, without having to have an eye lift done.

Electrolysis for Eyebrow Shaping

You might try waxing or threading the first time you have eyebrow shaping done, just to get an idea of how you are going to look with newly shaped eyebrows. Once you decide how you like your eyebrows shaped, electrolysis makes it possible to have the look permanently. With electrolysis, your eyebrow shaping is done by removing hair so that it doesn't grow back. You won't have to worry about the hair growing in fast, or schedule monthly appointments to have your eyebrows done.

Schedule Your Eyebrow Shaping Now

If you are invested in looking your best, it's time to learn more about eyebrow shaping in Midtown, NY. Schedule an initial consultation with Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skincare by calling us at 212-751-7377, and get started on treatment today.

For more information about eyebrow shaping in NYC, or to book an appointment for service, call Susan Davina today at (212) 751-7377.

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